This mini-subdivision of Jenkins homes was built on acreage for a family with each home located on separate acreage, providing ample privacy for each family. Led into the endeavor by the smart Patriarch of the family, who happens to serve on the Board of Directors of several companies, he purchased this acreage when the market was down. More important, he is now a grandfather who gets to see his grandchildren regularly!

One of the interesting challenges on this project occurred when the Jenkins team reviewed the engineering documents for one of the homes. Looking closely at the engineering, the team revealed that the engineering did not take into consideration the wind shears which can be severe for any home, but particularly a waterfront home. After discussing it further with the homeowner and the Engineer, it was determined that there needed to be more steel in order to protect the structural integrity of the home.  Homes with large butt glass windows are common in waterfront homes like these, and it is important not to rely on the strength of the glass to be the structural integrity of the wall. Although the tensile strength of glass is actually higher than the tensile strength of structural steel, its ultimate strength and density can cause it to be compromised due to, for instance, a piece of debris flying into it at a high velocity.