Homeowner Home Page

Our “Homeowner Home Page”, a web-based project management system, allows clients to watch their custom home project come to life from anywhere...no need to walk a dusty jobsite anymore. 

Homeowner Home Page-SummaryWatch daily progress photos, communicate between all parties, look up details in the plans, check the project schedule…all from anywhere via your phone or tablet.  Our clients love this service, and it comes standard with every Jenkins home!

The Homeowner Project Home Page© is just one more way we try to provide the best customer service possible through the use of state-of-the-art systems and processes.

Project Calendar

The calendar shows all of the tasks that are being accomplished on the project with progress and due dates in an easy-to-see calendar layout. 

To Do List

Homeowner Home Page-To Do ListThe "to do" section allows the onsite supervisor, trade contractors, and homeowner to see what each of us is working on and any items that are overdue.

Project Photos

"Pictures are worth a thousand words." Project photos are taken daily by the onsite supervisor.


Selections such as appliances and light fixtures are priced, approved, and stored in the system, along with photos of the products selected.

Change Orders

Homeowners Change OrdersChange Order functionality is built right into the system, allowing pricing requests to be made online and approval given at the click of a button.


Homeowner Home Page-Messages (1)Communication is the key to every successful project. This section contains all the messages about the project between us, the client, and trade contractors.


Project Documents are very important to any construction project. They define the scope of the project and keep all the details clear for all parties involved. That's why it's important to have access to those documents at any given time.


If you are a current Jenkins Client, you will receive an invitation to our online systems via email. For assistance, please contact us.

If you are not a current Jenkins Client but would like to learn more about our online project management system, please let us know.

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