This project features a courtyard in front of the home to accomplish a couple of the client’s objectives:

1) It keeps the entrance private while giving friends and family a warm and welcoming experience as they enter the home.

2) It gives the client’s business associates a separate pathway and entrance (up the exterior stairs to the left) to his Study, which contains a full  en suite.  Incidentally, the Study has one of the best views in the home (per the client’s request), but it doesn’t obstruct any of the views within the home.  In fact, where the Study is situated, no one in the home will even know there are guests present.

3) The glass wall from the main living out to the pool area is one of our most popular features here in Central Texas.  It opens up the main living to give it an accompaniment with the outdoors and, given the beauty of this particular outdoor setting, we can’t think of a better application of the glass wall than this one.