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The project, named “Bella Cortile”, started with a lovely home site in Escondido in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. The “beautiful courtyard” evolved as a means to provide privacy, lots of natural light, and comfortable outdoor living spaces. It was important to the design team that the lines were blurred between indoors and out in this home. With so many studies revealing how architecture can influence the health and well-being of the family living in the home, the design team determined that one of the goals of this home would be to invite the outdoors into the spaces of the home.

Custom Homes in Horseshoe Bay

Most custom homes in Horseshoe Bay are upscale in style, as is this one, but also heavy on casual comfort and functionality. This one is a delicate balance between both. The large windows, strategically placed, provide an abundance of natural light to the home while capitalizing on the lovely creek view in the back of the property. Although located in a lovely (arguably one of the nicest) neighborhoods, it feels like the home is somewhere remote, in a quiet natural countryside. The downstairs Master, Study, and Guest bedroom provide plenty of respite and easy access to the main living areas, while the upstairs Game Room and additional secondary bedrooms (2) add even more space for those times when overflow guests stay over.

For Sale in Horseshoe Bay

This Horseshoe Bay custom home is currently for sale. Although Jenkins does not build homes on speculation (without a dedicated homeowner), this unique situation offers a rare find. This brand new custom home, finished less than a year ago, is packed with custom features and upgrades. For more information or to see this home please, contact us. Here are just a few of the many unique attributes of this home:

  • Wine Room conveniently located right off the kitchen
  • Over-sized kitchen with 2 large islands
  • Master Shower is all glass looking out onto a private garden (with stone walls)
  • Space under stairs is finished out for pets or storage
  • Built-in bunk beds tucked away in the guest space
  • Upstairs game room with large covered outdoor living looks out at the Clubhouse
  • Private courtyard with water fountain, outdoor kitchen and adjacent outdoor living





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"We have been extremely happy with every step of the process of the design and construction of our home with Jenkins."

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