Is it Wood or is it Tile?

Is it Wood or is it Tile?

wood look tile

Remember the commercial, “Is it live, or is it Memorex”? The question now is, “Is it wood, or is it tile”? Ceramic wood is one of the hottest new trends in floor covering today. While it isn’t a renewable resource, it’s extremely functional, durable, and attractive. Have you always wanted the warm look of wood in your shower, kitchen, or even your outdoor patio? Well, now you can. It also solves issues of how to match a wood floor in a wet area such as a bathroom or laundry room.

Ceramic tile that looks like wood is one of the biggest trends that we have seen recently in home decor. Although this has been around for a while, vastly improved technologies have made the wood look more realistic than ever before.

Advantages of wood look tile

The main advantage of opting for wood look tile flooring is durability. If you have paid for hardwood floors before, you probably remember the first time your friend showed up in high heels! Even the newer hand-scraped wood floors can reveal some of the scrapes and bumps that life brings. They are just better at hiding them! Other advantages to wood look tile are the ability to install underfloor radiant heating. If you like your floors warm, this can be a significant advantage.  Plus, they are easier to clean and can be disinfected with almost any household cleaner.

All in all, wood look tile has revolutionized the flooring industry and has given us all a great new option for flooring and walls. We love it when that happens!

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