Welcome to Austin!

Welcome to Austin!

If you are planning to buy a home in the Austin area, welcome! You’ll be joining a growing number of people who have decided to make Austin their home or their “home away from home”. We hear the story so often…so many people are moving from California or New York, in fact, that it’s become a local joke (or meme, depending on your age group).

Because of this, it has become difficult for builders in Austin to meet all the demand. This is why you will hear architects and builders telling people that the wait could be 3 to 12 months before they could even begin working on their project. While this is not ideal, it’s likely better than the alternative of starting the project but then stalling in the middle because the staffing wasn’t adequate to handle the project. Most builders have resorted to a lottery system or other ways of handling the backlog to try to mitigate the issue. Those who are lucky enough to get on the list are generally handled with better service and care this way.

What We’re Doing

While our backlog is challenging, we have decided to focus on certain geographic regions, which helps increase the efficiency and availability of our team.

Also, being in business in Austin for almost 3 decades, has its advantages. One of them is that we know most of the builders in our market. We certainly know the people who know them. So, if we get a call from someone who isn’t a great match for us, we do our best to match them with a different builder. We can’t always help, but we do our best. It started long before the current market situation. Many years ago, we decided not to take on any project which wasn’t a good fit for us. The downside to that was that we were turning down more projects than we were accepting. As a result, we started looking for ways to help clients find the right builder. That was much more fun, and it seemed to make for a really happy ending…one that we could also enjoy. After all, everyone deserves to have the best possible experience building a custom home.

If you are in the market for a design-build firm, we would like to help. Even though things are taking a bit longer, it is just as exciting and wonderful to design and build a home in the Austin area as ever! Feel free to reach out to our sales team at our Contact Us page. If we can’t help you ourselves, we would love to try to and help you find someone who can.

Either way, we want to welcome you to the great hill country area of Austin, Texas! We are sure you will love our friendly community, and you’ll enjoy finding all of its hidden charms. Take some time to drive around and see the amazing natural beauty of the area. Those of us who’ve lived here for many years can tell you that it never gets old!

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