Pools and Waterscapes

Outdoor living has become a way of life here in sunny Austin, Texas.  Outdoor living is more than just a swimming pool…it is creating a space that can be relaxing as well as invigorating, where we can create culinary masterpieces or sit around the fire and have a beverage.

The spaces are equally as important as the water feature or pool. This involves creating cooler, shady spaces as well as sunny spaces and even areas for keeping warm in the winter months.  The simplest way to make the spaces flow and create the right spaces is to integrate the indoor elements with the outdoor living spaces. Ceiling fans, for instance, can keep air moving in an outdoor space just like indoors. Natural stone and tile under covered areas can also create the right environment.

For almost 3 decades, Jenkins has employed our pool division, Jenkins Waterscapes, to design and build our swimming pools. After winning multiple statewide awards and one national award for outdoor living, our design team has designated the Outdoor Living Space as just as important as the indoor living spaces.  Some of us do all our entertaining in our outdoor living spaces.  So it is important to approach it just like an indoor space.  First, it is evaluated for how the space will be used, whether for entertaining or just family get-togethers.  These factors will influence the design of the outdoor living space, along with the views, topography of the site, and style of the existing home. Then, of course, there’s the “wow” factor as well. There’s an art to drawing the eye to something special or unique, especially in an outdoor space.

It is important that the outdoor space is used and enjoyed, but it is equally important that it is naturally beautiful. Nature is a critical component to a successful outdoor space because plants bring life to an outdoor space, make us feel good, and provide shade. The way in which nature is incorporated into the site is dependent upon the overall look and goals of the project. Plant life can be completely natural and require almost no maintenance or can be the client’s passion, like the neighbor’s rose garden incorporated into a more formal landscape.

Equally important to the beauty of the outdoor living is the employment of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure longevity and low maintenance. This includes equipment that can be controlled by a smart phone or tablet. In addition, a Jenkins Waterscapes pool comes with a 3-year warranty on all equipment. Finally, the structural integrity of the project ensures its longevity. The pool shell itself, as well as any exceptional retaining walls as necessary, will be professionally engineered by a licensed engineer to ensure its structural integrity and that it will stand the test of time.

For  a sample of some of our favorite pools and waterscapes, click on the image below to see our outdoor living portfolio: