Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room in the House

Inspired by all things beautiful, with a genuine commitment to design, Brewster Home Fashions represents the finest brands in wallcovering. Their wallpapers encompass everything from traditional to eccentric, with designers specializing in intriguing textured wallpaper and grasscloth, brands that bring a luxurious sheen to walls and timeless charms like damasks and vintage florals. Brewster’s anthology of wallpaper brings today’s styles and colors to life, including fresh and fun designer wallpaper collections, a mix of retro and mod, happy color palettes, vintage styles and time honored classics, along with chic wood, tile, and rock textures.

Discover the beauty and romance of wallpaper with some of our favorite wallpaper ideas.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Charlotte lavender modern floral

This contemporary wallpaper graces walls with a modern floral pattern, evocative of a beautiful mehndi henna, above a soft lilac shimmer.

charlotte lavender modern floral wallpaper ideas

Blue damask ombre string

Reminiscent of something you might find in a springtime cottage.

Blue damask ombre string wallpaper ideas

Red modern medallion

Available in red (shown), bronze, blue, mustard, purple and pink. This boho chic print is mod to the max.

red modern medallion wallpaper ideas

Bathroom wallpaper ideas

Isaac brick woven texture

A warm and fashionable textured wallpaper. Brick red is visible behind a chic weave of apricot and ash colored fibers.

isaac brick woven texture wallpaper ideas

Vernon silver tree

This dreamy wallpaper has a mythical beauty of shimmering silvers and purple creating an enchanted forest on walls.

vernon silver tree wallpaper ideas

Living room wallpaper ideas

Suzette modern brown damask

Espresso brown and extra cream, with a vitamin C burst of mandarin orange! This modern damask wallpaper treats your walls to a highly dimensional matte grain effect, and a cultured allure.

suzette textured brown damask wallpaper ideas

Alouette charcoal mod swirl

A rich charcoal grey with silver accents, this mod swirl wallpaper creates a dramatic impact on walls with sassy matte grain texture effects.

aloutte charcoal mod swirl wallpaper ideas

Flax textured damask

Sophisticated, elegant look and feel.

flax textured damask wallpaper ideas

Dining room wallpaper ideas

Iman aqua medallion

Fall in love at first sight. This fresh medallion wallpaper is cultured and fine, bringing beautiful shimmer and suede accents to walls in aqua and pearl.

Iman aqua medallion wallpaper ideas

Adagio brass floral scross

Immortalize your walls as if Persephone herself were decorating for eternal style. Rich scrolling leaves and flowers travel up walls with a large scale, embossed glory, cast in a warm golden shimmer of Italian silk.


Hallway wallpaper ideas

Sonata pink ironwork

Striking and contemporary, yet grounded by classic influences, this ironwork wallpaper radiates glamour in soft silver and pink.

sonata pink ironwork wallpaper ideas

Acanthus leaf cameo

Soft, Italian influenced design sets an elegant scene.

acanthus leaf cameo wallpaper ideas

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