TruStile – Bringing “Style” to the Interior Door

We were recently invited to attend a tour of the TruStile door manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado. For those not familiar with TruStile doors, they have been around for many years building quality doors (none of that “hollow-core” cheap stuff) but have been recently garnering attention with their newer glass panel designs that can turn a home’s doors into….well, artwork!  I was first introduced to these doors at our recent Luxury Home Show by our friends at Probuild. I was captivated by their glass panel doors, which have an organic look. I loved them all, but my favorites were the ones with infused with leaves (shown at right). The leaves are thin and elegant and have the color of light wheat, making them perfect for any color scheme.

Who wouldn’t enjoy looking at these beautiful creations every day? And, there are so many amazing designs to choose from! The folks at TruStile say that they have door styles for any style home, and I can concur simply because of the wide range of selection.  There’s glass infused with a multitude of organic products from leaves to bamboo rings, along with variations of glass finishes too numerous to mention (but you can see some of them below).

They do also have solid doors, of course. In fact, that is their mainstay. Those have been around for many years. They are well-priced and excellent quality.  You know, the interior doors in a home used to be solid and heavy.  When you opened or closed a door, you felt the quality of it, and it reflected on the quality of the home.  With the advent of production homes, the nice heavy quality door has become less prevalent because of budget constraints.  Well, it’s time to bring back quality doors to our homes, and these doors have the panache to do it.

P.S. We got to see some of the parts for doors they are custom building for Disney.  That’s another nice thing about TruStile – they are known for their ability to create custom doors.  Oh, the possibilities… in fact, I actually do have one designed for our upcoming offices and showroom.  I can’t wait!

One more thing…when I posted my favorite door on my pinterest board, I got 15 re-pins and 4 likes within a couple of minutes.  So, I am not the only person who likes them.

Glass and Resin Samples from the TruStile website – click here to see them all

Bamboo Glass Celsius  Weave

TuxedoGrooveNarrow Reed
Bamboo RingsTakéCapiz
CirqueFossilLinea Azure
Linea VertThatchTing Ting


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