Transitional Style – Striking your Balance

Transitional Style – Striking your Balance

Create a balance between comfort and style in your new home design using transitional style.

Transitional style kitchen

Transitional design is a good way to join elements of contemporary and traditional design styles. A transitional home will use furniture, finishes, fabrics and design to create a classic look for your home that will age gracefully.

Transitional style is so popular now because it projects casual elegance. Chances are, when you browse through your Ideabooks on Houzz, a lot of the images you’ll see will have some elements of transitional design present.

Transitional design employs neutral colors to establish a lean, clean and lighter space. The bathroom below combines elements of contemporary and traditional design into a very cool space. Notice how this modern shower is complemented by the framed traditional mirror. The legged vanity hints at tradition and adds character.

transitional style bathroom

While transitional design uses elements of contemporary style, a transitional home should feel warm and inviting. This living room looks very comfortable but its modern and textural touches add undeniable elements of style.

  “If Goldilocks were decorating a house, transitional style would check all of her “just right” boxes: not too cold, not too formal, not too fussy. It blends the comfort and warmth of traditional design with the clean profiles and understated colors of the contemporary look. The result? Gracious, streamlined spaces that radiate harmony. It’s about meeting in the middle, but it’s not at all middle of the road.” – Lisa Frederick, Houzz

Designing a new home can be challenging. Even if you’ve designed before. Understanding your personal style is the real key to creating a unified look in your home.

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