Top Private Schools in Austin

Austin’s penchant for academic excellence is well-known, with multiple universities, including the University of Texas and St. Edward’s University, rooted here. And with over 40 private schools in the greater Austin area, with a variety of denominational backgrounds and tuition costs, these private schools set Austin apart as an educationally refined city. We hope to make your search a little easier by providing information below on the top private schools in Austin.

Regents School of Austin

regents- top private schools in austinRegents School of Austin is an independent, private school based on a classical, Christian mission. They teach over 900 students in grades K-12 on an 82-acre campus in Southwest Austin, Texas. Regents began its inaugural year in 1992 with 17 students in 1st-4th grades. Besides being a great family-friendly environment with academic excellence, in the last six years they have won five state championships in football, one state championship in volleyball, and one state championship in cheerleading.

The purpose of Regents School of Austin is to provide a classical and Christian education founded upon and informed by a biblical worldview, that equips students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good and beautiful, and which challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

st andrews- top private schools in austinThe mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential.

St. Andrew’s seeks students of character and intelligence from diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only in intellectual understanding but also in esthetic sensitivity, physical well-being, athletic prowess and moral decisiveness so that they may lead productive, responsible lives, not only for themselves, but also for their community.

Hyde Park Baptist Schools

hyde park baptist- top private schools in austinHyde Park Schools is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school system in Austin, Texas. Hyde Park serves 4K through 12th grade students. Hyde Park Schools is a ministry of Hyde Park Baptist Church with campuses in Central Austin (located at Hyde Park Baptist Church at Speedway/39th Street)and Northwest Austin (located at the HP Quarries Complex near Mopac/Braker).

The mission of Hyde Park Schools is to provide a Christ-centered foundation of biblical truth integrated in strong college-preparatory academics and well-rounded extracurricular programs.

Brentwood Christian School

brentwood christian- top private schools in austinBrentwood Christian School (BCS) is a private, Christian institution offering a Christian pre-school, elementary, and secondary education alternative to families in the Austin, Texas, area. Founded as a kindergarten and first grade in 1963, the school has grown to one of the largest private schools in Austin, offering a complete K-12 educational experience. Today, over 713 students attend Brentwood Christian, and this year BCS will graduate its 24th class of seniors. This year’s senior class numbers 54 students from the Austin area.

Brentwood Christian is a family-friendly school, focused on readying its students for advanced education and for successful, Christian lives of leadership and service. The school is, and has been for its 40+ year history, a place where Austin-area families can turn for a quality education that includes and prioritizes the instilling of traditional Christian values and the fostering of a love for God in its students.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

st stephens- top private schools in austinAn academically rigorous college preparatory school serving grades six through 12, St. Stephen’s is a coeducational boarding and day school of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Our remarkably diverse student body comprises 675 students from more than 30 Texas cities, 10 states and 15 countries, including Thailand, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Korea. Among the 470 students in upper school and 205 in middle school, 505 are day students and 170 are boarders. The faculty and academic administration includes 75 full-time and four part-time teachers, 40 of whom are residential faculty. The student-teacher ratio is 8:1, and the average class size is 16.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School is a caring, diverse, accepting community, inclusive of all faiths and grounded in the Christian tradition, which nurtures moral growth and values the potential and dignity of every human being. St. Stephen’s welcomes students, faculty, and staff from many religious backgrounds and practices. As an Episcopal school, we fully embrace this identity as defined by the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES).

Round Rock Christian Academy

round rock christian academy- top private schools in austinRound Rock Christian Academy, located in the heart of Williamson County, is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school equipping and developing students to effectively integrate Biblical truth and academic learning into their daily lives to impact their community for Christ.

Since 1975, Round Rock Christian Academy has focused on educating students to be godly leaders. It is their desire as they carry out the vision of RRCA to build a generation that knows, lives, and speaks the truth. Their hope is that the Christian worldview, taught day in and day out in our classrooms, is the lens that students will use to make ethical, moral, and responsible adult decisions as they lead their homes, communities, and the world in which we live.

Holy Family Catholic School

holy family- top private schools in austinHoly Family Catholic School is located in the northwest part of Austin, Texas on a beautiful 20 acre campus within the Texas Hill Country.  We serve nearly 500 students from preschool through the eighth grade.  Our school is an incorporated school, within the Catholic Diocese of Austin that holds a close association to seven area parishes, offering priority enrollment to qualified students.

Holy Family Catholic School is a regional school that works with parents to nurture the growth of the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The school is Catholic – promoting the teachings of the Church and inclusive of diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Hill Country Christian School of Austin

hccsHill Country Christian School is an intimate, family-friendly environment where students are nurtured and challenged to develop their God-given gifts and where they are encouraged to discover and embrace their identity and purpose in Christ. As a Christ-centered school, they affirm that all truth is God’s truth and are committed to integrating faith and learning by teaching all subjects from a Christian world-and-life view. As a classical school, they emphasize mastery of the liberal arts, and teach students to value truth, beauty, and goodness. As a college-preparatory school, they offer a comprehensive curriculum that meets or exceeds the admission requirements of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation.

The mission of Hill Country Christian School of Austin is to provide a Christ-centered, Classical, college-preparatory education that inspires students to become life-long learners and effective communicators who impact the world with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy

st michaels- top private schools in austinSt. Michael’s Catholic Academy is a college-preparatory school founded by laity within the Diocese of Austin to serve a diverse student body. Combining academic excellence with faith formation and co-curricular learning opportunities, St. Michael’s prepares the whole student for leadership, service and decision-making consistent with Catholic values.

For more than 25 years, SMCA has been committed to serving families who want “an exceptional education” delivered in a small school environment: a full complement of academic courses including 20 Advanced Placement classes, thoroughly developed arts and athletics departments, a diverse and talented student body, and an outstanding faculty devoted to raising each St. Michael’s student up to their fullest potential morally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The community is “inspired for life.”

St. Theresa’s Catholic School

st theresa's- top private schools in austinLocated in Northwest Austin, St. Theresa’s Catholic School is an award-winning Catholic school serving Pre-K – 8th grade students. As a parochial school, St. Theresa’s offers students more than an excellent education. It offers them a strong, integrated community to be part of, one that propels them to reach their full potential. A special place with strong spiritual principles and high academic standards, St. Theresa’s helps today’s children grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

The mission of St. Theresa’s Catholic School is to develop elementary and middle school students to their full potential by educating them in a Catholic and academically excellent environment. By integrating the teachings of the Catholic Church throughout the curriculum and all school activities, a Christian atmosphere of care, concern and respect flourishes. This transformative environment enables students to fully develop in all areas of growth, including spiritual, cultural, intellectual, social and physical. As students grow in faith, they cultivate a Christian life in the Catholic Church and in the community at large.

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