Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2010

There is possibly no more important room in your house than the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of activity, the source of sustenance, and the number one room a potential buyer will consider when choosing a new home. That is why designing the kitchen must be done with an eye to the current trends. Here are just a few of the trends we found for 2010.


  • Kitchens are getting bigger. “It seems as though families are getting smaller and at the same time, kitchens are getting bigger. Designers are using industrial appliances, state-of-the-art cabinets and countertop materials, and including a kitchen island whenever possible.” (source:
  • Kitchens are getting to be more earth-friendly. “Eco-friendly is all the rage these days, but most notably in the kitchen where a few small changes can make a significant impact. You can use inexpensive recycled or natural materials such as recycled glass counter tops or formaldehyde-free bamboo for work surfaces and flooring. Convenient built-in recycling centers and food composters can save space and make recycling simple. The overall idea is making the kitchen effortlessly eco-friendly so that being green isn’t a sacrifice, it’s just an easy part of your everyday life.” (source:
  • Kitchens are focusing on being both convenient and multi-purpose. “This year’s kitchen features products that are…all about convenience-meets-multifunctionality.” (source:,,1637271,00.html) What does that mean? Well, “sinks with accessories, such as built-in preparation boards, colanders, and/or drain trays…storage that is both stylish and highly engineered…Cupboard inserts and custom storage areas with adjustable dividers and pull out baskets…appliances set on wheels or movable islands which allow you to easily rearrange the kitchen for convenient preparation, cleaning, and entertaining… which is not just multi-functional, but also kind of fun.” (source:
  • Kitchens are becoming more colorful. Color trends change regularly, but the top color choices for kitchens include “Creamy Neutrals, Veiled Violets, A Gamut of Grays, Pale & Punchy Greens, Bold Turquoise” (source: Also consider that “Unexpected flashes of color and bold shapes are all the rage, and offer a nice juxtaposition to the earthy mellowness of the eco-friendly trend.” (source:
  • Kitchens are becoming more high-tech. “Just like every other aspect of our lives, kitchens are featuring more technology than ever. A lot of this technology is focused on making the kitchen more enjoyable and adding a bit of the “wow” factor. From flat-screen televisions and computer-based entertainment systems to retracting ventilation hoods and gas burners, technology can make the kitchen more fun, convenient, and cool. The kitchen is both a social and functional space in the home. Small additions, like a small mobile device charging station, really illustrate this point. Imagine your family returning home in the evening, immediately plugging in their mobile devices, and congregating in the kitchen to catch up with each other.” (source:
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