Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

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Every space in a home is important and worthy of functionality and stunning design. However, the spaces where we spend the most time deserve a little extra attention. Kitchens are the center of our homes and should be designed for the way we live in them, and decorated in a way that brings us joy. It’s why we dedicate whole magazines and television shows to picking layouts, choosing materials, and oohing over the finished project. Whether you have a detailed vision or are entirely unsure of what your dream space could be, the fun starts now!

Kitchen Style

mediterranean kitchen design

Choosing a style can be a great way to focus your design plans. Narrowing down your aesthetic can make it easier to choose the materials that go together and suit your tastes. The Modern Farmhouse aesthetic has been a crowd-pleaser for years now, but the Mediterranean Style is making a comeback.

Our best tip is to consider how the style of your kitchen will (or, more importantly, might not) mesh with the rest of your house. For example, an ultra-modern kitchen will clash with a 1920s Craftsman.

kitchen layout trends

Kitchen Layout

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine an entirely new layout, but it is the key to a space that functions for you, instead of a space you merely function in. If you love to bake and cook, an oversized island and a butler’s pantry are almost necessary.

If natural light and views of the outdoors are key, perhaps bay windows and large patio doors are worth prioritizing. If you’re the host and always planning a party, a wet bar, wine fridge, and ample seating are must-haves.

Working with a designer or an architect can help you envision exactly what you want while also being realistic about the logistics of it all. Jenkin’s Lifestyle Analysis will allow your design team to understand exactly what you need to make your kitchen function, look, and feel exactly right for your lifestyle.

Determining a layout can feel daunting, but with knowledgeable professionals, a deep understanding of what you need and want, as well as frank budget considerations, the process becomes seamless. You will end up with a design that exceeds your imagination and includes features you likely wouldn’t have conceived on your own.

Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertops

Now we’re getting into the good stuff! Countertops are important. They are one of the surfaces we use most in our homes, but they are also a big part of the visual and aesthetic appeal of our kitchen.

Before you start looking at patterns and picking out a slab, consider the benefits of each material type and choose what best suits how you live in your kitchen. Granite is a classic and quartz is versatile, but butcher block can warm up a space while concrete can offer a very sleek and modern look. Consider your design aesthetic as well as the functionality you need when narrowing your options.

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are more than just what’s holding up that beautiful countertop you just picked out. They also need to function for your lifestyle, providing storage and aesthetic appeal. If easy-to-clean is a priority, you might want to buck the white kitchen trend and opt for something a little darker with eye-catching detail.

If pops of color give you joy, think about unique combinations and pair them with sleek cabinet doors. Glass-front doors can be a great way to show off favored dishes while adding variety to upper cabinets. Alternatively, you can opt for open shelving that can make a space feel more airy. This is also the stage where you can pick out hardware that suits your style.

Kitchen Appliances

kitchen appliances

In addition to functionality, appliances can add style to your kitchen. Choosing ENERGY STAR appliances helps support an energy-efficient home without neglecting style. Double ovens, prep sinks, counter-depth refrigerators, and range hoods will make your kitchen stand out while allowing you to use the space more seamlessly. While most people are still focused on stainless steel, there are so many interesting options available—think about matte black or gold details for a hint of luxury.


Choosing a surface for the floors is important in that it is, again, a big part of the visual appeal but also important in creating a space that suits your lifestyle. Flooring ties together the colors and materials you’ve chosen throughout the space.

Travertine is a classic choice that boasts non-slip properties and resilience. Hardwoods and luxury vinyl flooring allow you to choose shades and grains, while tile offers myriad options for color and personality. If you have kids and dogs running around, you’ll want to choose something that resists damage and is easy to clean. If your kitchen is more of a space to pour a glass of wine and unpack some takeout, you can focus instead on the visual qualities of flooring materials.

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting and flooring

One of the most overlooked aspects of any room is the lighting, but it’s incredibly important in creating a functional and stylish space. Incorporate a few different types of lighting in your kitchen. Pendant lighting and statement chandeliers add visual interest and personality to a space.

In addition to statement lighting, incorporate more practical lighting that allows you to work well in the space. Recessed lighting is still a go-to option for illuminating workspaces. You should also consider options such as baseboard or under-cabinet lighting. These applications add homeyness to your kitchen while allowing you to grab a midnight snack without the jarring brightness of overhead lighting.


The finishing touches are what bring the space together and allow you to add your personal touch. You do, after all, want a stunning kitchen everyone else is lusting after, right? The best way to explore your options is to work with an experienced design and build firm. Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

dream kitchen ideas

Waterfall countertops

Waterfall countertops transition down to the floor against the side of the cabinetry —typically a peninsula or island —and are truly an art piece all on their own.


A backsplash can add a great deal of visual interest without being overwhelming. If you’re prone to simple countertops, you can allow the backsplash to do the talking. Handmade tiles can be the perfect way to add beauty while retaining functionality.

Hidden Outlets

While it may seem small, something like hidden outlets can add a lot of value with minimal effort. We all have a million things to charge these days, but outlets are unsightly and cords are a hazard. Incorporating pop-up outlets or USB plugs can blend real-life functionality with made-for-TV aesthetics.

Roll-Up Cabinets

There’s a constant battle between convenience and aesthetics, particularly in the kitchen. Roll-up cabinets can be a way to keep your beloved margarita mixer on hand without having to look at it all day long.

In-Cabinet Organization

Taking the time to design cabinets that properly store your pots, pans, trays, spoons, and bowls will make your kitchen the most functional space in your home. Gone are the days of a couple of shelves that can be laboriously adjusted. Now, you can choose from hidden spice drawers, built-in butcher blocks, and even custom lid storage.

Designing a dream kitchen is exciting, but it can also be a bit daunting. Consider the style you want, the function you need, and the materials you love. Working with us at Jenkins Design Build will make the process easier. Before you know it, you’ll be flipping pancakes and mixing cocktails in your dream space.

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