The Refrigerator Dilemma

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective. For instance, very few people have adequate space in their fridge. Most have to do the refrigerator dance. You know the moves – the taller stuff on top, move the shorter stuff to the lower shelves, so on and so forth. Wouldn’t it be nice to have PLENTY of space in your fridge?

No, I’m not here to tell you about the wonders of some new appliance on the market. Instead, I want to highlight a design solution one of our readers implemented.

frig.jpgIn this case, the homeowner had a laundry room just down from the kitchen with space for a freezer. So when her refrigerator needed to be replaced, she chose to replace it with a full-sized fridge. That’s right – this entire appliance is ALL REFRIGERATOR, ALL THE TIME!!! No more refrigerator shuffle, just space and more space.

The idea for an all-refrigerator unit was started by commercial kitchens. They have always been available from high end appliance manufacturers such as Subzero and Thermador. Now, however, if you go to, you will see a large variety of manufacturers from Whirlpool to Frigidaire offering them.

The thinking for this homeowner was the infrequency with which she accessed her freezer. Why waste precious kitchen space with freezer, when what she really needed was a bigger fridge? Problem solved – and the only money spent was the cost of the refrigerator, which was going to be spent on a new appliance anyway.