The Future of Homebuilding and Trends to Watch

The Future of Homebuilding and Trends to Watch

building a new home

Thinking about building a new house? The future of homebuilding is bringing an ecological balance between sustainability, durability, and modern life. Watch for these eco-friendly, practical, and technological trends when drawing up the plans for your new home.

Tesla solar roof installation


Environmental conscience is not just a buzz phrase, it’s becoming a thought process for those creating the blueprints for the next wave of buildings.

Sustainable homes have a measurable carbon footprint to reduce the impact of climate change. Common trends for home-building sustainability include using bamboo in place of hardwood, crafting metal roofs, constructing with recycled wood or stainless steel, and installing eco-friendly insulation. Taking these practices even further, solar panels and thicker paned windows help reduce energy usage.

Going Solar

Tesla solar roof

New house buildings are soaking up the sun. For example, a Tesla Solar Roof has specialized solar panels integrated into glass tiles. Unlike regular solar panels, the Tesla brand replaces roofing materials with composite glass panels, eliminating the need for separate slates. Solar energy systems draw power from the sun, helping to reduce your home’s energy needs (and your utility bills). Solar panels work together with your home’s roof vents to control temperature and airflow into your home.

Customization and Personalization

custom wine cellar

Buyers are looking for unique, customized designs and features that cater to their lifestyles and taste. This includes custom wine cellars, home theaters, or even private art galleries. Some personalized and customizable build options include:

Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Storage could include wine racks, shelves, storage with controlled climate systems to keep your wines in the best environment while also adding a unique and custom flair to your new home.

Game Room

Your game room can host your ideal games with arcade machines, poker, pool tables or video gaming setups. Include a bar with custom backsplash and countertops to house your favorite drinks.

Home Theater

custom home sauna

With a home theater, you can create cinematic experiences for the whole family with high quality projectors, screens and surround sound that feels like a trip to the theatre. Choose custom seating with luxury recliners or seater style seats for your comfiest experience.

Home Gym

Whatever your favorite workout routine is can now be brought directly to you from cardio machines to weighlifting equipment, the choice is yours! Consider using smart mirrors and virtual training options to enhance your home gym. Relax after with a sauna or cryotherapy equipment to make your workout a relaxing, fun experience customized just for you.

Unusual Builds

Treehouse retreats

They aren’t just for kids anymore. Luxury treehouses are equipped with all of the amenities you’d expect from a high-end home, including plush interiors, hot tubs, and
panoramic views.


Just like it sounds. Barndominium houses have a country style design that
resembles a barn motif. Barndominiums usually have open floor plans, gambrel roofing, rustic
living spaces, and a pole barn-like exterior.

Biophilic designs

Connecting with nature. Biophilic designs create a bond between luxury
living, practicality, and harmonious environments. Designs, materials, color schemes, and
nature’s influences (such as a tree growing inside a large living room) promote a calm and
relaxing existence. Biophilic designs may include stone, wood, natural lighting, and plenty of
indoor greenery.

Floating homes

When the waterfront isn’t enough. Floating homes are custom designed to
float on the water. They feature high-end finishes, spacious interiors, and panoramic waterfront

Inside and Outside

The future of homebuilding trends is a tumultuous question, depending on who you ask. But today’s homebuyers want affordable homes with open floor plans, high-tech upgrades, and energy-efficient appliances.

outdoor living spaces

Traditional dining rooms are out, and large open kitchens that merge with family and living spaces are in. Folks don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen — they want to socialize and watch TV while preparing a meal. Home offices are also popular additions to new homes, considering between 12 to 28% of people work remotely.

Energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers, laundry appliances, and refrigerators come with the territory of buying a new home. Furthermore, children and dogs need fenced yards and room to play. It’s a never-ending trend — outdoor living space and solid appliances are a priority.

Artificial Intelligence also comes with today’s home package. Building trends include gadgets that let homeowners control lights, doorbells, sprinklers, garage doors, thermostats, locks, and many other conveniences with a tap of an app on their cell phones.

Neighborhood communities and homeowner restrictions are part of the mix, but no matter what future trends look like, what matters most is what potential buyers want in their newly constructed homes — and what they’ll actually pay for.

At Jenkins Design Build, we are not just builders, we are dream makers. We bring your vision and dreams to life and make a home that lasts for generations to come. We are the experts in our field when it comes to designing a home that is just right for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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