The Design-Build Difference

The Design-Build Difference

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We’re frequently asked about the differences between design-build and the traditional system of a general contractor and architect.


What is Design-Build?

Design-build is where one entity enters into a single contract to provide both design and construction services to the owner.

In other project delivery systems, separate contracts are required for construction and design.  The single-contract for both design and construction is a distinction of design-build.


A single contract changes everything.

With a true design-build firm, the design and contractor roles are fully integrated. One entity drives work flow from the initial concept design through construction.

A single contract streamlines the project by fostering a collaborative alliance between the owner and the design-build team. The owner and design-builder are united from the start of the project. As a result, the integrated team provides an inherent efficiency which allows them to complete the project faster, more cost effectively and provide higher quality. In short, everyone is on the same team.

In all other building systems, the owner becomes a middle person who can become involved in disputes between the designer and contractor.

This chart compares two project delivery methods by illustrating their timelines.

Which would you chose?


Owner involvement

Design-builders operate under the assumption that the owner wants to actively participate in the design and construction of their home. By taking an active role they guarantee they get their desired outcome.


A single entity is responsible for everything – including the end result. The design-builder’s team is responsible for completion schedules and keeping the project within budget. Hundreds of timelines must be managed and planned to ensure proper execution and avoid costly delays. The cost of EVERYTHING is measured and taken into account early in the process.


We make sure our clients understand every aspect of the process and stay informed. The best working relationships are cemented by honesty and clear communication.

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