This is a Test

At our regular Monday Staff Meeting this week, we talked about the “test of prosperity”. It may sound bizarre, but we believe that prosperity…is a test.  It is a test of our character.  Right now, we are seeing the housing market really pick up in Austin, and we talked in our staff meeting about our obligation as an industry leader.  We talked about the importance of having a positive impact on all the people we come in contact with and how we behave in prosperous times shows our true character as a team and as a company.  We talked about the importance of staying true to our values as a company, taking care of our clients and trade partners and remembering the relationships that have helped us stay on top amid a housing crisis and recession. 

Of course, in full disclosure, I must admit that immediately after this discussion we talked about profits and losses and project schedules and got our sales update.  So, the prosperity discussion was a very brief part of our meeting.  However, what I really love about our team is that they share the company’s core values. We all laugh together about a LOT of things (it’s how we keep our sanity at times), but they take great pride in upholding our core values. It’s not a joke to any of us. It’s what makes our work matter, both to us and to those whom we work with and for.  I feel sure it contributes to our incredibly low turnover ratio, too. After all, when you believe that it is your obligation to build each home as if it were going to be your own, you feel as though you are leaving a legacy…and in a way, you are. 

Jim Collins, author of the best-seller “Good to Great” said, People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”  We are so fortunate to have the RIGHT people on our team.  We are going to be starting a new series on our team members soon called “Meet the Team”.  I hope you will join us so that you can meet them.  They are really terrific!

"We have been extremely happy with every process of the construction of our home with Jenkins Custom Homes."

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