Technology for the Tuscan Villa

Remember Robocop and Geeks?  Well, all that has changed because high-tech doesn’t have to be low-style, as evidenced by this beautiful Tuscan Villa we recently finished.  These days, we often build retirement homes for corporate executives living elsewhere in the world, some of them even in the technology industry.  Because many of them travel between the two homes, everything has to be automated.  From the Media Room to the Master Bedroom, sometimes even utilizing some of their own company’s proprietary technology, every feature can and should be controllable from the client’s smart phone or tablet. Cameras, situated in almost every room, manage and monitor the home (and cat) when they are away.  Even the outdoor fire pots can be lit from a smart phone, as well as indoor cameras and cabinet doors, sound systems, and lighting.

Beyond the conveniences of modern technology, this ultra-smart home also boasts clean lines and simple elegance, as well as the feel of a modernized Tuscan villa.  You really don’t even know that it is technologically-advanced.  It just looks like a typical beautiful and inviting  home…and that’s exactly what you want!  After all, the technology is for you, the homeowner, to enjoy and to enhance your lifestyle.  The warmth and comfort of this home – that’s what you want your guests to notice!

The beauty of this home starts at the front door and steps down to follow the contours of the lot.  Details like the clearstory windows in the Great Room and 18’ wide window wall make an immediate statement upon entry.  Making the architectural beauty a centerpiece of this home ensures no one assumes it is a geek’s dream; that is, unless the owners want to show it off to their friends or family.  At that point, it just becomes a “cool factor”.

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