From the Experts: Spring Plants

let's plantLet’s plant!

In today’s exclusive interview, we asked Benjamin Mejia, owner of Sunshine Landscape Design, to share a few tips on what to plant this Spring.

As springtime is quickly approaching, deciding what to plant can be somewhat challenging. When walking into a local nursery there is so much to choose from, and at times it appears everyone knows what they want except for you. Well, never fear, Sunshine Landscape Design is here. In this month’s blog, a few quick tips should help get your planting season underway. Here are some things to consider before loading up the SUV and heading to the nursery.

What part of Texas do you live in? Soil is everything. One thing to keep in mind when you buy plants is the kind of soil you have. Dig down and see if you hit white powder or rocky stuff (limestone) or if you have mostly soil that is black/red and when wet, sticks together (clay). It’s possible, but doubtful that you have loam, but if so, celebrate! Sand is also another choice but is more prevalent outside of Austin.

If you are in a area where you encounter limestone here are a few suggestions. Raise your beds 4-6” and what better suites your style but here are a few of my favorites: agaves, abelia, agarita, most antique roses, irises, Jerusalem sage.

If you have loam or clay here are a few suggestions: Esparanza, bulbine, artemesia, calyophus, rosemaries, cannas, Texas sage, culinary sage, cottoneaster, coral vine, white mistflower, flame acanthus, barbados cherry, figs, coralberry, jujubes, pomegranates, lemon verbena, daffodils and jonquils, and can’t forget crape myrtles.

How should you combat bad soil conditions to achieve the garden you’ve always dreamed of? Compost helps a lot. Mulching is good. Always remember those that fall on good soil will yield growth.

-Ben Mejia

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