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skymall homeDon’t know if you have flown lately, but we noticed that the latest issue of Sky Mall magazine contains a picture of one of our homes. It’s on page 44, and it is actually a photo of a floor mat that is shown in one of our homes. During a Parade of Homes, someone approached us about putting the product in our home. At the time, it was a brand new product with a patent pending. The owners of the company were your typical small business owners. They were doing whatever they could to get the product exposure. We had a nice exchange with the representatives of the company and agreed to put the product in the home. They later came in and took the photograph shown here.

Imagine our surprise when we boarded a plane and casually flipped through the magazine only to  recognize our home in it!  We certainly hope the product does well, and we enjoy being able to participate in their journey.

Seeing that image reminds us that being a small business, while sometimes difficult, is also very rewarding. It is the relationships, no matter how remote, that are the most gratifying part of it. Although we are building tangible assets, we are truly a service provider at the end of the day. If our service is good, or even exceptional, our clients will be happy. It is as simple as that.

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