Rooms That Prove One Piece of Art is Enough

The old adage rings true- sometimes, less is more.

What makes these rooms work?

patterned rug

The rustic wood beams and patterned rug are the focus here, so no need to carve out anymore space than this perfect small spot for a piece of art.

Interior design by Patrick Printy- tour the entire home here


The matching mirrors flanking the painting—it emphasizes the importance of the artwork.

Interior design by Robert Couturier – tour the entire home here


The intricate molding around the artwork adds extra framing (and flair).

Interior design by Jean-Louis Deniot – tour the entire home here


A hyper-modern room manages to stay minimal with one piece of neutral art adjacent to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interior design by Eric Ceputis – tour the entire home here


In an almost all-neutral space, a drawing on the far wall adds just enough visual interest to keep the room from feeling bare—but not enough to overpower.

Tour Keri Russell‘s entire home here

artful furniture

In a room with such artful furniture, it can be best to leave the wall art to a minimum.

Interior design by Lee Mindel – tour the entire home here


Stunning symmetry: Not just the matching cabinets on either side of the artwork, but matching vignettes atop each unit help make the single painting shine.

Interior design by Sheila Bridges – tour the entire home here

wall size

When the art is nearly wall-size, there’s rarely a need to add even a second piece.

Interior design by William Frawley – tour the entire home here

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