Color Trends and Inspiration: Marsala

Room Color Ideas using Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

This month’s room color idea comes from the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. Marsala is defined as an earthly wine and naturally robust red color that soothes and enriches the soul, mind, and the body. According to Leatrice Elseman, author of Pantone’s Guide To Communicating With Color, Marsala is a subtly-seductive shade which attracts people who embrace its warmth.

Room Color Ideas


When it comes to a tasteful hue, Marsala embodies the contented richness of a fulfilling meal and its red-brown roots conjure up a natural and sophisticated earthiness. Where Marsala really excels is in its elegance. It accents and enhances the beauty of accessories, furniture and paint. It features a quality that, when it is applied to textured surfaces like the rugs and the upholstered furniture in the living room can really complement a more neutral wall color. The reverse is also true. As shown below, the flat surface of the wall really complements the texture of the furniture and artwork.

Room Color Ideas

Reasons Marsala makes a great Pantone Color of the Year:

Marsala derives its name from a fortified wine which is globally appealing and can easily be translated into interiors, beauty, fashion, home furnishings and industrial design respectively.

1. It appeals equally to men and women. It portrays a flavorful and tempting shade for accessories. It is the one color which encourages experimentation and color creativity as well.

2. It is subtle but also sultry. It is also flattering against many skin colors. It can be highlighted on the cheeks and is quite popular for nails, hair and lips.

3. The dramatic and remarkable affect of Marsala in the home is pronounced. In wall color, furnishing, and accents, it brings energy and warmth to the interior of the house.

4. Since Marsala is an earthy shade, it results in sophistication and this is seen in packaging and print respectively. Marsala has an organic nature which is highlighted through a matte finish and it adds quite distinct luxury and glamour for the house.

Room Color Ideas

Marsala Color pairings:

Marsala combines remarkably well with both flat and textured material as well as gloss finishes and matte finishes respectively. The sultry Marsala is quite compatible with golden yellows, umber, amber as well as turquoise, teal and shades of blue.

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