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Modern design trends in the Kitchen offer playful new ideas. Exotic woods create a luxurious feel and granite counter tops never go out of style. The large kitchen island holds its space on the top of homeowners’ wish list as a place to prepare food, gather with friends, and share an impromptu informal meal.

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When amazing design meets incredible style, features such as this room’s curved wall of glass result.

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“Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a novice, a custom-built wine room is the hot trend in custom home design, especially where luxury reigns. A good wine cellar creates an opportunity for great wine for a lifetime. It can also add value for purposes of resale of the home…All fine wine collections require the same basic care: climate, humidity, and light control systems to protect and preserve delicate vintages. Vapor-tight doors and easy access are also top priorities. Proper storage makes financial sense and allows wines to be purchased when they are released, at the time they are most available and lower in price.” So when planning your wine room, keep these three elements in mind: light, humidity and temperature of the room.

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"We have been extremely happy with every step of the process of the design and construction of our home with Jenkins."

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