Building a brand new home is not for everyone at every stage of life. Many people reach out to us who really love their home’s location but know it’s in need of a fresh face or added space, aka remodeling. For that reason, we offer our renovation services in our remodeling service area, including downtown Austin, Rollingwood, and Westlake.

Cost to remodel renovate in Austin

Always creative in our design and transparent in our pricing, the experience of working with some of the most enjoyable and creative people in the industry makes the process fun. Our systems and processes take the stress out of the experience and allow the creativity and passion of building a beautiful space to emerge.

Major Makeovers

Most of us start to plan our home makeover project right after moving into our home, especially if we bought an existing or older home. Most homes don’t come perfectly-suited to our families and our lifestyles, but we learn to live with their shortcomings. At some point, though, we begin to realize that quality of life is too important to wait any longer, and we start to prioritize the remodeling/renovation project. Knowing where to stop is always the hardest part. It often takes the help of a professional to bring to light the issues to consider.

Outdoor Living

Extend your living space right into the outdoors.  As the winner of multiple “Best Outdoor Project” awards in Texas, outdoor living design and construction is one of the Jenkins mainstays.  Add to that the fact that outdoor living is quickly approaching the #1 desired feature by potential home buyers today (not surprising, given our fantastic climate here in the Austin area), and you have a winning combination.  Jenkins builds their own swimming pools (via sister company Jenkins Waterscapes) and, unlike others, engineers every pool. Add that to top of the line equipment and 3-year warranty, and it makes for a winning experience.

Quality of life and lifestyle is the emphasis of the Jenkins program. We want your remodeling project to be enjoyable both during the process as well as afterward. The keys to a successful program are good planning, excellent communication, the best people, and extraordinary vision.  Let us help make your vision a reality.  Contact us today.