Remember How you Hated the Kids Table?

Eat-in KitchenDid you ever have to sit at the kid’s table growing up?  I did. I couldn’t wait until the day I got to sit at the grown-up’s table, either.  Well, we recently designed a home for a family that reminded me of this age-old tradition. This particular family needed a version of the kid’s table.  They also needed a table that could accommodate the adults at family gatherings and holidays.

Solving the Problem – an Integrated Table

After discussing their needs, we thought that the younger children needed to be able to climb right into their own chairs (which needed to be standard table height).  If you’ve ever had young ones, you remember how challenging a barstool can be to both lift them into and keep them from falling out of!  The older kids, however, didn’t mind climbing into bar-height chairs.  Plus, Momma didn’t want people to be able to see right into her Kitchen in case it wasn’t spotless.  So, in response to these needs, we designed the Kitchen as shown at right, above.

The Eat-In Kitchen

It’s no accident that it just happens to fit their entire family for day-to-day eating (the “Eat-in Kitchen”).  Then, for even more seating, the Dining Room (right next to the Kitchen) seats the adults.  The Dining Room is the first room you see when you enter through the front door;  so, besides being a show-piece, it also provides a central location for family to eat, sit, and visit together.   Ahhh, life is so much easier now for this large family with a busy lifestyle!  At breakfast time on those busy school days, Mom just passes out the breakfast bowls without more than just a few steps.

For bigger meals, she can put the food out on the side counters (right and left) and let everyone serve themselves. Plus, she always feels good knowing that her guests have a place at the table.  You know what they say, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  Well, I’m happy to report that Momma is happy, and isn’t that what good design is ultimately all about?!  Incidentally, this home won a state-wide award (Texas Star Award) for its Kitchen design.



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