…So often, I’d be showing homes for weeks or even months until eventually we realized that nothing we looked at was going to cut it. That’s when we knew we needed to look at building a custom home.”

Heard this one before?…..we have.

We Pay 3% for Custom Home Builds

Let’s Close the Deal


Our design-build, all-in-one company, retains clients better, ensuring you get paid. Plus, your clients have only one company to deal with.


Our concierge-level service will provide them (and you) with the kind of luxury service they’re accustomed to.


We follow your direction & work on your behalf at all times. Collaboration & team building are part of our core values. With a team of 15 ourselves, it has to be!

It’s Easy to Get Started


Fill out our 4-question survey below to see if we are a good fit for your client. 

You will hear back from us either way.


If they are a good fit, you’ll receive our Third Party Registration form. 

This will contain all the details of our agreement, including payment details and our list of promises to you (all in writing) along with what to expect from us.


Once you are comfortable with the agreement, sign it online.

It will be an easy online form and signature.


That’s it. You are done! 

You don’t have to do anything further, other than let your client know you’ve found the perfect architect-builder (we are both the architect and builder) for their project.

Do you feel that their primary concern is the quality of the home, the price, or the schedule of the build?

Custom Home Projects starting at $1M


We specialize in waterfront property from Austin to Horseshoe Bay. We also serve the areas that follow Lake Austin, Lake Travis, & Lake LBJ. If you’re not sure your client’s project is in our service area, feel free to fill out the survey above to find out.

Our current inventory of homes range from $1.5M to $6M (not including the lot cost). Values are all-inclusive and include everything, even items that aren’t typically included in the custom home cost. Our program is centered around transparency and is designed to lay out ALL the costs upfront to ensure clients are comfortable with the overall budget.

We are considered a luxury builder that focuses on maximizing investment. Quality is our priority, but we also handle the client’s budget with utmost respect. Where we add the most value and save clients the most money is in our designs. That’s why we started our program–to maximize the client’s investment through good design .

We have been designing and building homes in Austin, Texas, for almost 3 decades. 

You will receive our Third Party Registration form that contains all the details of our program. This is how you actually register your client with us – by signing and submitting this online form. Once your clients are registered, we handle everything for you. You can choose to be as involved as you’d like though. That part is up to you.

Resources for Your Clients

If you have clients who are considering building, we have some resources to help you (and them).

Clients can be nervous about the process of building a custom home and need reassurance that the process can and will go smoothly. Some of them also want to learn everything they can about the experience and, unfortunately, there are hardly any resources that go into depth about it. 

Welcome to the Better Design-Build Experience

After almost 3 decades of designing and building homes, Shan & Bethany Jenkins have created a system for helping people understand the secrets to having the best possible design-build experience.  

It answers questions like:

  • What should I expect in a better design-build experience?
  • How can a better design-build experience result in a better home?
  • How can I get a better design-build experience no matter what builder I choose?

That’s what you’ll learn with the Better Design-Build Experience, how to get a better experience before, during, and after building your home.

To get started, enter your client’s information below (with their permission of course). Access to the better design-build experience will come to their inbox immediately. If you prefer to send your clients a link where they can sign up themselves, you can send them this one: https://newhousebuilder.com/free-resources/