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...So often, I'd be showing clients homes for weeks or even months until eventually we just realized that nothing we looked at was going to cut it. That's when we knew we needed to look at building a custom home.​"

Heard this one before? We have.

We Pay for Custom Home Builds

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Our design-build, all-in-one company, retains clients better, ensuring you get paid. Plus, your clients have only one company to deal with.


Our concierge-level service will provide them (and you) with the kind of luxury service they’re accustomed to.


We follow your direction & work on your behalf at all times. Collaboration & team building are part of our core values. With a team of 15 ourselves, it has to be!

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Fill out our 4-question survey below to see if we are a good fit for your client. 

You will hear back from us either way.


If they are a good fit, you’ll receive our Third Party Registration form. 

This will contain all the details of our agreement, including payment details and our list of promises to you (all in writing) along with what to expect from us.


Once you are comfortable with the agreement, sign it online.

It will be an easy online form and signature.


That’s it. You are done! 

You don’t have to do anything further, other than let your client know you’ve found the perfect architect-builder (we are both the architect and builder) for their project.

Custom Home Projects starting at $1.2M


We specialize in waterfront property from Austin to Horseshoe Bay. We also serve the areas that follow Lake Austin, Lake Travis, & Lake LBJ. Contact us for more detail.

Our current inventory of homes range from $1.5M to $6M (not including the lot cost). Values are all-inclusive and include design fees, permitting costs, pool, landscaping, etc.

We are considered a luxury builder that focuses on maximizing investment. While we do not employ cheap materials or labor, our pricing is considerably less than many luxury builders. Where we add the most value to the final product is in our design and construction methods — the things we’ve worked to continuously improve over the last 28 years.

We have been designing and building homes in Austin, Texas, for almost 3 decades. 

If you are considering building, my builder recommendation is Jenkins. Jenkins built our home, and we are extremely pleased with the finished product.

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