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Agents are an integral part of any builder’s success, and at Jenkins Custom Homes, we are no different!  We are different, however, in our approach. We are one of only a handful of true design-build home builders in Austin with our design staff in-house. This is very rare; in fact, we only know of less than five in all of Austin.  So when you send your client to us, they tend to stay with us. In fact, our displacement rate is less than 5%. That’s good for us…and you! Many in the real estate community have told us the stories of how they referred a client to a builder, who referred them to an architect, only to have the client end up at a different builder. We handle both; so your clients stay with us throughout the process. That’s how we get our displacement rate so low!

The other aspect of our program that is unique is the timing of our commission draw. As unprecedented as it is, we actually make the Agent commission available at the very beginning of the construction process – when the slab is poured. We do this as a thank you to our partners in real estate and as a show of financial strength.  Not many in our industry are capable of doing this, but we do it to show an emphasis on good business and good relationships.

It is very easy to register your clients below.  By registering your clients, you will be entered into the Jenkins Realtor Referral Program, sent our proprietary Third Party Registration Form, and become that client’s liaison throughout the process.  You will have full access to them and us all throughout design and into construction.  You will receive regular status updates on progress, but we handle all client communication so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We start with a simple introduction letter and an offer to provide more information about designing and building a home.  When a client is considering building a custom home, they usually want to get their information from a reputable builder like Jenkins.  Our desire is to educate and inform them while guiding them through the process of designing and building a custom home. Many of our services are extremely valuable and yet completely free!

So, let’s get started!  Enter the information below and click ‘Submit’.  This will prompt us to send you via email our Third Party Registration Form, which outlines in detail our arrangement with you and assures you preferential status with us for the client you are registering.

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See what a small sample of our many agent/friends have said about working with us. If these aren’t enough, check out our extensive Client Testimonials.

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If you don’t have a client at the moment, but have questions about our program or would like to register yourself for our program, please enter your contact information below:

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"We have been extremely happy with every step of the process of the design and construction of our home with Jenkins."

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