Crafted like a ship in the sky, this project was designed for one of the few female ship captains in Texas. She is well-known in the shipping community for her skill and grace in guiding large vessels down narrow passageways. Built in the floodplains near Lake Travis, this home was designed to foster her love for the water and its vessels. She told the Jenkins design team of her desire to entertain her 12 friends in a home that reminded her of her love for the water.

Originally, she intended to sell her plot of land, but when discussing it with the Jenkins team, her aspirations began to change. As they spoke, the lead architect drew out on a napkin his ideas for what her house could look like, using the existing site conditions and tying in his recently-acquired knowledge of her chosen profession. As they spoke and he continued to draw, she fell in love with the idea, and the project quickly became one of Jenkins’ favorites.

With the living quarters hovering 21 feet above the ground, due to the floodplain height, the lower floor became the ideal outdoor living, kitchen, and pool area. The home rises a total of 50 feet in the air with a 3-story elevator to accommodate its owners. The interior boasts of designs that replicate the hull of a large ship, with nautical themes and structural designs throughout to bring the owner back to her natural habitat. Many of the doors and the surrounding wood paneling have circular carvings to replicate ship portholes. The main dining area has rounded walls with a large circular table and a wine wall with a ladder to rotate around the bent wall. This nautical theme was enhanced by the multitude of lake views visible throughout her “Ship in the Sky”.