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Designed and built for a family whose dream was to have a Lake Austin home, this project was intended to be both fun and functional. While the client’s other homes are more traditional, this home was meant to be more edgy, while still keeping the casual lake lifestyle. 

Covered throughout in beautiful windows, every room in the house enjoys spectacular views of the Lake Austin. For example, the lower floor features a window wall, which opens up the great room to the outdoor living area and pool. This design still grants easy access to the master suite and kitchen. Around the corner, there is a hip wet bar with a downtown Austin vibe. 

Upstairs is where the real fun begins. With a boat-shaped custom-built bar and another window wall opening up to a covered terrace, trendy lake fun is everywhere. The clean and modern look is softened by textiles and just the right amount of color. Shades of lake blues and greens pop throughout the house, tying in well with the views out each window. The long island separating the living room from the kitchen is painted in a soft shade of gray-blue. 

Balance wins the day in this comfortable, attractive, and modern Lake Austin home.


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"We have been extremely happy with every step of the process of the design and construction of our home with Jenkins."

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