This 9,000+ square foot project has beautiful lake views and plenty of real estate but is located almost entirely in the flood plain. The solution was to re-use fill from the front of the project in the back and raise the home as shown. A reflecting pool in the front of the home has been designed to draw guests in and then appears to flow into a natural spring in the back yard.

One of the most amazing features of this home is the “man cave”. It is a game room designed to display trophies and Texas memorabilia complete with wet bar, pool table, display cases, and covered balcony for cigar smoking away from the main house. Another amazing feature is the glassed hallway which connects the Main Living to the Master wing of the home. It hovers over the long linear water feature below, which gives you the experience of walking on water as you cross over. The best views, though, are found in the glassed main living area. Complete with a Home Theater that features seats that move and shake with the effects of the movie, Fitness area with sauna, Texas-size Study, Game Room, and much more.