Engineered to fit into the floodplains of Lake Travis, this exclusive waterfront home won multiple “Best in Texas” awards for its masterful architecture. It was originally built as a vacation home and ultimately a retirement property for this entrepreneur and his family.

Having spent most of his life as an inventor, the challenges of this home made it an invention in and of itself, reflecting the life of the owner. The design team faced several exciting challenges during the process. Sitting on a floodplain was the first challenge, leading the team to raise the elevation of the main floor over 20’ in the air, extending the entire home over 50’ in the air. This was no simple task considering the size of the home, which measured at over 9,000 square feet. However, this left plenty of space on the ground below the home for entertaining spaces and an outdoor kitchen.

This house also boasts of high tech features, such as motion chairs in the movie theater that respond to the action of the film, smart home technology throughout, and much more. Accented with hill country design features, like the use of wood and limestone throughout, the expansive home proudly represented a Texas feel, overlooking the waters of Lake Travis. The complexity of it left the finished project looking like a masterful home invention, a perfect residence for an entrepreneurial inventor and his family.