The challenge of this site was a 30’ drop in elevation, basically a cliff, on a very narrow lot. Our solution to the site’s topography was to create a three-story home with an elevator to service all levels. Steel beams go below the pool, through the decorative columns, and all the way up to the 3rd level ensure the home is structurally sound. The result is a home that appears to be built right into the hillside.

Some of the home’s unique features included a downstairs game room with 5 flat screen televisions (similar to a sports bar) and poker table, which opens up to the outdoors with a disappearing glass wall. Another amazing feature included the water sheer that came out of the main floor and flowed to the pool (shown at left). While standing at the 20′ wide curved glass window in the main living, the water sheer appeared to be flowing from beneath your feet into the pool.