Approximately 10,000 square feet of luxury on Lake Travis, this home debuts one of the only known applications of stacked glass in a residence in the U.S. Stacked glass, which has a higher tensile strength than steel, provides the structural support for the large glass wall in the Great Room. Capturing one of the most beautiful views of Lake Travis, the window is the largest of its kind.

The home epitomizes the timeless beauty of the Tuscan old-world style combined with largely unseen smart home technology. Hidden speakers and an automated cabinet reveal the TV and media center in the Great Room with the press of a button. In the master bedroom, a quaint reading nook, complete with exquisite ceiling details and chandelier, boasts automatic curtains, programmed to open in the morning and close at night.  The metallic plaster finish provides an updated application to an old technique. The private courtyard garden, accessible from only the Master Bedroom, creates an old-world feel while quietly integrating a self-watering garden into the stone wall.

The family originally built the home with Jenkins as an investment property on the water, hoping to enjoy it until it appreciated in value. They timed the market just right and already have built-in equity but, most importantly, they are enjoying entertaining guests and living in their new home.