This Jenkins Parade Home is a 7,000 square foot expanse of pure luxury. The lot posed a challenge to the design team from the start, as it exposed a 30’ change in elevation, basically a cliffside, with narrow width and several floodplain constraints. The solution to the site’s topography was to create a three-story home with an elevator to service all levels.

Steel beams which start below the pool, go through the decorative columns, and all the way up to the third level to ensure that the home is structurally sound. What resulted from the design team’s countless hours of hard work is a beautiful home that appears as though it is built right into the hillside.

The Great Room features a large 20’ curved glass window that exposes stunning views of Lake Travis at all hours of the day. The majority of the other rooms in the home boast these views as well, with an expansive number of windows throughout. The split, open plan allows the owners to have a place to retreat to while also enjoying an open and easy flow.  The theme of the home, inspired by the tranquil nature of waterfront living, has reflections throughout the home in details such as tile murals, stone carvings, and ceiling details.

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James Bond Hidden Room