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The Peninsula in Rough Hollow Lakeway is one of the premier new developments in Austin offering Lake Travis views in a gated community. As an owner, designing a home in The Peninsula can be fun but also a little daunting. Among its challenges are not only the neighborhood’s architectural guidelines but also the City of Lakeway, LCRA, and local utility guidelines. Then there is also the overall look and feel of the area homes and how the community views the various architectural styles and details. The critical component, of course, is for architects to capture the view – this creates maximum return on investment. Not only capturing the view, but also knowing how the views interact with neighboring properties to provide maximum privacy is key. It can be tricky, which is why you may often find yourself in a home that looks at a neighbor’s fence instead of the view. More than just looking at a computer model, it takes experience learned through many years of design training and practice. It’s especially important when the investment is substantial and the views are as spectacular as those in The Peninsula.

Jenkins Design+Build has designed and built more homes than any other custom home builder in Rough Hollow. Our first home in Rough Hollow was designed and built for the 2008 Parade of Homes, where we built an award-winning 7,000+ square foot home on a 40′ cliff. Designing and building this home taught us a lot about designing for the soil conditions of the neighborhood, the topography, and the unique Engineering required for the area. Because wind shears can be excessive coming off the lake, we learned a lot about structural integrity, especially as it relates to the tensile strength of expansive glass window walls. As a result, this home won several statewide awards, including Best Architectural Design & Best Custom Home in Texas.

Homes in Rough Hollow

Other high-profile projects in Rough Hollow include our 2010 Parade Home, which was built for a family as a custom home project. It featured a media room with a virtual golf system that opened up to the outdoor living and pool.  This family, just 5 years later, sold this home for a significant profit (someone literally showed up at their door and offered them more money than they could refuse). Currently under construction is our 2017 Parade Home in The Peninsula which will debut in May. Whereas many of our previous homes had a Tuscan/Spanish inspired style, this one is a modern farmhouse. As styles have evolved, it is interesting to look back. Even our Tuscan/Spanish style homes have a more clean and refined look than our homes from just a few years ago. Some of our most recent homes have a more modern appeal, but they all contain one-of-a-kind features that are created for our unique homeowners and families with busy lives and a love of the lake lifestyle.

Getting Started

If you are about to embark on this journey, our home design team stands ready to consult on your design to help you get the most out of your lot. Give us a call so that we can help with any or all the following:

  • The Timeline for Designing and Building (our most popular question)
  • Understanding the Architectural Guidelines
  • Understanding the LCRA, WCID, PEC & City of Lakeway requirements
  • Energy Codes for the area
  • Understanding permitting
  • Understanding the Inspection process
  • Finding the right plan for your lot
  • Staying in budget throughout the design/build process
  • Soils Analysis & Engineering Data for the area

True Design-Build

As the overwhelming choice for true design-build in Rough Hollow and The Peninsula, the Jenkins team is ready to offer our experience. Our designers sit in the same office with our builders so that they can collaborate together to create a lasting investment tailored just for your lifestyle and your family. Below, see a sample of a few of the Jenkins Design+Build homes built in Rough Hollow. Some of these are still in design or permitting while others are being built or already finished. To see an even wider range of styles and get ideas for your next home, check out our portfolio.

Using a true design-build firm with designers collaborating in the same office with their builders can make all the difference. Read what our industry is saying about the advantages of the design-build method of project delivery in our latest Design-Build Whitepaper. After decades of separating architects from builders, our industry is now realizing the advantages of design-build and bringing designers and builders back together under one firm. In Austin, there are only a handful today, but as with most things, Austin is setting the trend toward design-build.

If you are a lot owner (or soon to be) in The Peninsula, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out by registering your contact information below.

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