Overseeding with Ryegrass

Overseeding with Ryegrass

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Our friends at Sunshine Landscape Design share how to keep your grass looking great through the Winter!

Now that we have passed the month of pumpkins and candy let’s get back to business. In this month’s blog we are going to talk about ryegrass seed, how it works and the application process.

In order to keep your lawn looking green and healthy through the Winter, you can apply ryegrass seed. Even though it’s November, it’s not too late to apply it. Just don’t wait until the end of month, because then it will be too late and the seed will not have adequate time to grow.

Your first question is probably, how do I apply it? Well, the rule is to scalp your grass then spread the seed through your entire lawn. You can always use a spreader to make the application easier.

The second step is to soak and wet the entire lawn. By doing this, it will help the process of growing and with the rainy season over us it will be just perfect.

Now that you have applied the seed, your next question is probably, how does it work? Will my established grass die? How do I get rid of it?

To answer your first question, the way the seed works is by absorbing the water and growing within your established grass. This will not affect in any way your lawn.

To get rid of it you don’t have to do absolutely nothing. Once the Spring begins, the ryegrass dies automatically and your established grass will grow back again.

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