Our Favorite Secret Rooms

Our Favorite Secret Rooms

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When you talk about doors in your new home, you’re usually not talking about secret rooms. You’re usually talking about colors, materials, designs, and hardware. Doors typically complement the rest of the interior or make a statement, but they’re always clear as day, inviting people to enter.

Except when they’re not.

In those cases, we’re talking about doors that blend in, doors that go undetected except by those in the know. These are hidden doors leading to secret rooms, and they’re a lot of fun. Take a look at some of our favorite secret rooms and think about adding one to your new house.

The Secret Wine Room

A wine cellar is a popular choice in luxury homes, and not only does it give you a special place to keep your favorite vintage, it can add resale value to your house. The doors are key: they need to be vapor-tight and provide easy access.

If you want to tuck that wine room away to surprise your guests, disguise the door as a bookshelf and you have a secret wine retreat.

secret rooms secret rooms secret rooms secret rooms

The Secret Laundry Room

A laundry room is necessary in every home, and it needs to be in a convenient location. Of course, it’s not the most beautiful room in your house, and putting it in a convenient location can make it an eyesore. That problem is solved by making your laundry room a secret.

Take a cue from the laundry room in this house and hide it via your kitchen or pantry shelving.

secret rooms secret rooms

The Secret Office

Entertaining and giving people the grand tour is part of the fun of a custom home, but you might like to keep a room to yourself. Keeping a tidy office is tedious for the best of us, so let your paperwork run a little wild and tuck that office away behind a secret door. It’s there when you need it–but not for just anyone to see.

The Secret Master Suite

Particularly if you entertain a lot, you might prefer to keep your master suite private and off-limits. An easy way to do that is with hidden access to the room.

As an alternative, you might like one typical entrance and a second hidden entrance that would take you into another part of the house, onto a patio, or into a private wine cellar or library.

secret rooms

The Secret Kitchen Pantry or Catering Pantry

Pantry doors can match your cabinets, making it seem like they’re hiding a typical shelf when in fact another room lies beyond the doors. Or, use sliding panels that seem like a wall. Both of these choices create a smooth, integrated look for your kitchen.

secret rooms

The Safe

If you keep valuables in your home, it’s essential to have them carefully protected. A safe is great as long as a thief can’t break it open, carry it off, or crack your code. Hiding your safe behind a secret door is a second layer of protection that will, at very least, delay the thief’s discovery of the safe; at best, he or she will never find it at all.

The Secret Safe Room

Think like James Bond! First, take your average, unsuspecting room, like a small study, library, or family room. Then, add an automated door, which can look like a regular cabinet, but when you push the button, it turns to reveal whatever it is you’d like to hide. Maybe that’s your safe full of valuables; maybe it’s an expensive bottle of whiskey you’re saving for a special occasion or some documents you don’t want the kids rifling through. No one will ever think there’s more to it than a bookshelf or an entertainment stand. Click here to see it in action.

The beauty of a custom-built home is that every detail is exactly as you dreamed. No matter what you’d like to hide or disguise in your home, your vision and our designers can make it happen, whether it’s for fun or practical purposes.

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