The Hottest New Home Trends

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NestAs times change, so do the trends. Our clients are becoming more focused on functional design, energy efficiency and incorporating the latest technology. Inclusive of these notions and a few more, here is a list of the hottest new home trends.

1. New Technology

Ground-breaking technology, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, is becoming more and more important to homeowners, as it provides a whole new level of energy efficiency and fun functionality as well.  Built by former Apple employees, it has the look and feel of an iPhone and can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad (as well as other smart phones).

2. Innovative Appliances

The introduction of the induction cooktop serves as a viable alternative to the gas cooktop and is really the “future of residential cooking” (Chef Scotty Campbell, Executive Chef, Viking appliances). In addition to being a better appliance, it is much more energy efficient than having a flame source in the house…and safer for families.  Further, the introduction of the steam oven serves as a viable alternative to the microwave and is a much healthier alternative.

3. Master Bath a Thing of the Past

Clients are telling us they don’t use their master bathtub and are requesting only a shower in their master bath, resulting in the disappearance of the master tub.  This surprising trend illuminates the fact that bathing is becoming less about soaking (for some) and more about getting in and getting out.  Now, some of us still love our tubs.  So, for those, we are leaving a flex space with plumbing ready to go behind the walls that can easily be converted to a tub space if the home is ever sold to someone who loves to soak.

4. Pet Space

You will notice more extensive pet spaces with their own showers and living quarters (in the laundry room usually) along with their own outdoor spaces as well.  Now, most clients are not going overboard with these.  Spaces are small and usually just integrated into existing spaces; however, more thought is being given to incorporate pets as a part of our families…because they are!

5. Command Center

Command centers (a place to charge all the devices) either in the Mud Room or Kitchen are becoming more and more important.  We are encouraging clients to think through these important spaces to make sure they are out of sight but still located in a place where the devices won’t get forgotten as clients leave for the day.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Living

This trend is not really that new but just continues to grow in popularity.  It is a move towards combining indoor and outdoor living spaces with large doors that slide open or fold back.  Especially in areas of the country with a nice climate, this allows for greater focus on the outdoor living area.

7. Eco Friendly Homes

Eco-friendly homes with features like the tankless water heater, solar panels, improved insulation and green materials have become less eco-friendly and more the standard in new custom homes.  Especially where the energy savings make the return on investment immediately apparent, many of these changes are being readily accepted and have become the new normal.

8. Quality Over Quantity

There is a shift from large “big box” homes to more “jewel box” homes. Clients are becoming more interested in building a comfortable and cozy home that is truly livable with better technology and features, as opposed to unnecessarily large homes lacking in style or je ne sais quoi.

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