Modern Kitchen Design Trends

As 2013 approaches, modern kitchen design trends in the custom kitchen are turning towards traditional ideas for inspiration. As cooking and eating at home becomes the norm for many Americans, having a spacious, comfortable, and inviting space to prepare food for family and loved ones becomes a top priority for people planning to build a custom home.

New trends emerging in the arena of modern kitchen design reflect a change in perspective about the importance of good food, eating habits, and quality of life. Making meals from scratch and creating a space that accommodates the ideals of food, family, and fun are a top priority.

Professional, functional, and ergonomic kitchen design is a must when building custom home. 2013 brings with it kitchen design trends that are classic, but fun. White cabinets, open shelves, and the simplicity of ceramic and glass decor creates a space that fits the custom designed modern home, but still feels lively and warm. A retro stove and unique furniture lends a sense of humor to the space, while speaking to the homeowner’s individuality.

Exotic woods create a luxurious feel and granite counter tops never go out of style. The large kitchen island holds its space on the top of homeowners’ wish list as a place to prepare food, gather with friends, and share an impromptu informal meal.

Rich colors are considered neutral and contrast with lighter surfaces. Well placed task lighting provides the home cook with a useful advantage while preparing dinner, without subjecting guests to harsh overhead lights. A playful crystal chandelier can provide a beautiful contrast to an otherwise streamlined space and offer a wonderful insight into the cook’s personality.

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