Making Selections for a Custom Home

Making Selections for a Custom Home

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The selection process can be the best part of the home building process, but it can also be the most frustrating if you don’t understand it. First, what is a selection? It is the items you must go to the store to select for your home. Items you might need to select include the Master Tub, the Front Door, and the tile and carpet for the home. The “allowances” in your construction documents represent the budgets for these selections.

For every selection to be made there is an endless number of possibilities for that selection. We have tried to narrow down the options for you by working with vendors that carry products which complement our homes. Our vendors do their best to guide you to the selections that stay within your budget. Keep in mind, however, that no matter how much we put in your allowance there will always be a more expensive option. If you exceed the stated allowance, you will pay the actual cost difference with no markup for overhead and profit, except in certain circumstances as stated in your contract.

The timing of making your selections is extremely important so that the construction process is not disrupted. The building schedule for your home is laid out in advance so that everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities and timing on the project. Our vendors and trade contractors have planned their workload based on the project schedule. Therefore, delaying the project schedule causes a complete re-arrange of the schedules of everyone involved, causing potentially a significant time delay. The selections are divided up into four stages and each stage must be completed prior to commencing a particular stage of the construction process. Keep in mind that even after you have made your selections the process of pricing, ordering, and shipping the items can take a considerable amount of time. Once you have made your selection, some vendors will give you a price right on the spot and you can compare it to your allowance. Other selections have to be priced out, which we will do along with the vendor and then send to you as soon as possible. These items will not be ordered until you approve them.

You will receive our list of recommended vendors when you go online to your Personal Home Page. When you visit our vendors to make your selections, it is important that you make an appointment so that they can give you their undivided attention. If you will follow this outline, you will find the selection process quite enjoyable.

Many of our clients have found it very helpful to take a camera (or use their phone camera) when making their selections. Taking snapshots of all your top choices will really help, weeks or even months later, when looking back at all the product numbers on your pages.

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