How to Maintain Good Soil

How to Maintain Good Soil

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Benjamin Mejia, owner of Sunshine Landscape Design, share his tips on How to Maintain Good Soil.

Most people ask now a days how to maintain a good soil? You might be thinking, “dirt does not need any maintenance, it’s just dirt”. Most people are impressed in how the little things that you do to your soil can improve it dramatically. Here are a few tips to maintain your soil in good shape this season:

1. Avoid Chemicals
We all use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but this can really be hard on microorganism, which are the main factor to the healthy soil ecosystems. Try to keep it to the minimum.

2. Don’t Step On Me
If you are thinking about planting in an area of your house, try not to step on that section. This causes compacting the soil, which is hard for the roots of your plants when growing. When planting or building flowerbeds, try to make them narrow enough for you to reach without stepping into the bed.

3. Stay Away from Wet Soil
We know you are excited to get started on your gardening projects, but avoid working on your garden when the soil is wet. It damages the soil linen and turns it into firm brick when it dries. You might be asking yourself, “How wet is too wet”. Here is the trick. Grab a hand full of soil and using your fist molded into a ball. Flick it with your fingers-the ball should fall apart. If not, it’s still to wet.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your soil in good shape, as always if you guys have any questions, contact your friends at Hill Country Land Design.

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