Lake Austin Build Along: Inspections


Our Lake Austin Build Along is ready for the City of Austin to perform inspections. The City will inspect the home to certify it meets all required codes. All plumbing, electrical and other mechanical systems will be covered with drywall soon after the inspections are passed and completed.

Electrical Inspections

Pre-inspection Inspection

When the city inspects our build, they’ll check for code compliance. Their inspection will not ensure that we are building to plan. It’s our job to ensure all of our plumbing, electrical, life safety, low voltage and other mechanical items have been placed properly. When an electrical box is in the wrong place or a plumbing supply is out of line, it can cause a lot of problems down the line. We monitor our work to avoid going back into the walls after drywall installation to make costly, time consuming repairs.

Do it right, do it once

Adrian, our project manager, made this short video about our pre-inspection examinations. He explains why our superintendents are careful to follow the plans. Several sets of trained eyes regularly inspect our builds. As


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