James Bond at Home

Imagine the perfect home for James Bond.  What is the first thing that comes to mind?  Luxury?  High Tech?  Those two ideas come together in this 7,000 square foot home, built by Jenkins Custom Homes on Lake Travis, near Austin, Texas. Of course, if the home were ever to become the dwelling place of the world’s most famous spy, it would have to include some unique features. Fortunately for James, this home has just the thing! Located within the home is a study that contains a bar which is like no other. This bar remains hidden behind a rotating wall, which houses a television, perfect for video conference calls. With the touch of a particular book located in the bookcase on the left, the entire wall moves on its hinges to reveal the bar located on the other side.  Originally designed for celebrating “the art of the deal” with a business partner, this would make the ideal spot for James to celebrate his latest successful mission. The space behind the wall also provides a wonderful hiding spot for a safe – or maybe even a hidden arsenal! And if the celebrating went on longer than James had planned, a Murphy bed is hidden in the beautiful and ornate panels of the room, just across from the bar.

This award-winning home won 3 Texas Star Awards. The Study won Best Specialty Room and the home itself won Best Custom Home and Best Architectural Design (for the entire State of Texas) in it’s price category and was built by the two-time Custom Builder of the Year in Texas.

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Luxury on the Lake