Inspiration Wednesday: Media Room

Welcome to the second edition of Inspiration Wednesday. This week’s feature: Media Room.

Media RoomNo need to get dressed up, Hop in the car and get to the movie theater early, just to wait in line. And don’t worry about the kid texting a few rows down or the talkative group who may take a seat right behind you. Instead, picture this: slip on your favorite PJ’s, walk down the hall, grab a blanket and curl up into the most comfortable chair you can imagine. The lights dim and surround sound encompasses you from invisible speakers as the adventure begins. Movie time, just the way you like it. A media room offers luxury, style and comfort. Done correctly, it can be an amazing experience that even adds value to your home. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out some of our favorite game and media rooms. Contact us for more information.

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