Horseshoe Bay Home Builder

horseshoe bay home builder

Horseshoe Bay home builders come in all varieties, but a Jenkins home distinguishes itself from other Horseshoe Bay home builders in a variety of ways.

Being a design-build firm, as opposed to just a custom home builder, is first on the list of distinctions from other Horseshoe Bay Home Builders. Our unique approach starts with an in-depth analysis, a Lifestyle Analysis, of how you’ll live in your new home. Our designers, both architectural and interior, will analyze everything from your entertaining habits to daily household activities. Of course, like any Horseshoe Bay home builder, we also consider the costs of building on your new home site. The difference here is that we will collaborate with you to design a home that fits the budget and the site before it goes to construction. The typical home builder can only respond to overages and try to handle unexpected issues by reacting. Our process allows us to work proactively to eliminate them.

In our Design Development stage, we provide visual aids for your new Horseshoe Bay home with conceptual renderings and a guaranteed cost breakdown.

To ensure there are no unpleasant surprises during the process, like there are with many other home builders, we provide you with a Homeowner Home Page portal, our web-based and app-based project management system. On this page you can instantly see messages from our team, photos of the project, request changes, and see the construction progress on your Horseshoe Bay home.

Two Decades of Building Homes in Horseshoe Bay

Most of all, it is our years of service building homes in the Horseshoe Bay area that provide our clients with a peace of mind. After all, our almost 2 decades of building Horseshoe Bay homes says not only are we established as a local builder but we will also be around for many more years to come.

Horseshoe Bay Projects 

Building homes in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, our projects include homes in distinctive neighborhoods such as Skywater and Applehead Island. To see our Parade Home in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, please visit the following address:

Jenkins Custom Homes
113 Paint Brush, Lot 4 Skywater
Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657