Healthy Home Standard

We have developed with local doctors the Healthy Home Standard©, a new standard for designing and building with the primary goal of promoting good health for those living in the home.

The Healthy Home boasts clean air (almost hospital-quality air), clean & toxin-free water, special lighting, noise control, components for cleanliness, and other health-promoting attributes in your home to bring the ultimate in healthy living to you and your family.  No matter what your age, there are issues in your home that can and should be addressed to ensure your home is a healthy home. Many of them must be addressed very early in the process when the home is being designed.

In 2012, we began researching the subject of how to make our homes healthier. We learned from doctors that there are three primary areas of concern for healthy living.

  • The foods we eat, air we breathe, and water we drink. We termed this Healthy Delivery Systems.
  • Safe Surroundings – minimizing the elements in our home that can either inflict unintended harm or cause additional stress.
  • Stress Management – called the “silent killer”, reducing stress has been scientifically shown to reduce disease and increase life expectancy.

In developing the Healthy Home Standard©, we studied elements of Universal Design and Aging in Place, studies which have shown how architectural design can influence stress levels, and the air, water, and food preservation and delivery systems within the home. We collaborated with doctors on our findings and compared this to the latest technology in residential health products. That led us to the following approach.

  • Healthy Delivery Systems must start with the initial design and carry through construction.
  • Design details must facilitate cleanliness, good health, and essential lighting at all times.
  • Procedures during construction will promote a clean & healthy home from the inside out.
  • Employing toxin-free chemicals on surfaces and minimizing or eliminating building materials that might retain and release those toxins on the family later can significantly reduce internal air pollution which adversely affects the body.
  • Advanced technology will control and enhance the quality of the home’s air & water, ensuring good health is always facilitated. These include the home’s air filtration system and our own internally-developed system for advanced water filtration and delivery.
  • Design will minimize hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions. This is a very detailed checklist we employ during our design process.
  • There will be an emphasis on stress-reduction within the home. Stress reduction will be unique to each individual and part of the discovery process.

It all starts with our Lifestyle Analysis, where we learn your health needs, allergies, and interests and then design your home to be healthy for you.

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