Feasibility Study

At the same time we develop the Lifestyle Analysis©, we also present a detailed cost breakdown—or cost estimate—to determine feasibility.

Most home builders don’t provide any guarantees without having complete plans. But here’s the problem: by the time you have a complete set of plans, you’ve already spent a lot of time and emotional energy—even up to a year—designing a home you love. Going back to the architect and having those plans revised to bring the home back into budget isn’t an appealing option.

Architects generally don’t maintain an extensive cost database since they don’t have to deal with the constantly changing costs of labor and materials. An experienced builder, however, can bring a knowledge of cost-effectiveness to the conversation—knowledge that informs the best design choices for the topography or unique lot conditions. For example, a lot with significant slope can be designed many ways, some far more cost-effective than others. Consulting with a well-versed builder from the beginning of the design process means substantial savings in the long run.

Unlike other architects or home builders, Jenkins guarantees that we will be within +/- 5% on the original design cost estimate. We can do this because we’ve developed a proprietary job costing system that allows us to tell you what your home will cost—in a great amount of detail—even before you have full-scale plans. With Jenkins, there’s no “bait and switch” because the detailed cost breakdown includes every line item of costs, even including the landscaping and driveway.  We want you to be empowered with the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. This feasibility study—a demonstration that the house you want is within your chosen budget—eliminates frustration, miscommunication, and sets the tone for a much more enjoyable experience throughout the process.

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