The Great Room: Designs that Inspire

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When amazing design meets incredible style, features such as this room’s curved wall of glass result.  These stacked-glass windows weigh no less than 500 pounds per pane, making them both structurally sound and able to withstand hurricane winds.  The beams in the ceiling appear to protrude straight through to the outside but are actually cut with extreme precision. The large panes provide a breathtaking view of the pool and lake beyond.  There is plenty of natural light provided in the space, assisted by the high ceilings.  The combination of the high ceilings and large windows make the room seem even larger.

This room is a great place to spend time with family or entertain.  There is a magnetic effect to the room, drawing everyone to the wall of glass.  Fortunately, the position of the home on the lot as well as the large overhang, prevents direct sunlight from heating up conversations as they take place while enjoying the view.  The placement was well-planned and the lot itself chosen so that this window could be a feature without being a major energy issue.

Other nice features of this Great Room include a flat screen TV that sits above the fireplace, hidden behind an automatic cabinet door that is controlled by the homeowner’s iPhone.  With the touch of a button (see below), the door opens and the TV and audio system come on, providing a place to watch your favorite movie, or a great game!  The TV, shown here, is recessed into the wall, making it unnoticeable when the cabinet door is closed.

In the Summer, there is almost no better place on earth than this beautiful estate home on Lake Travis with its amazing lake view. With the only known application of a stacked glass window in a residence and hidden TV, this room is likely to inspire many great memories with family and friends.

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