When designing and building a home, you want to learn everything you can about the process before you start. Unfortunately, there are hardly any resources that go into depth about it.  When you do hear stories about it, it is rarely a positive experience. But what comprises a superior building experience anyway–one that’s better than just good?  What constitutes an experience that is enjoyable throughout the process and also finishes with an over-the-top amazing, award-winning “forever home”?

Welcome to the Better Design-Build Experience

After almost 3 decades of designing and building homes, Shan & Bethany Jenkins have created a system for helping people understand the secrets to a better design-build experience.  

It answers questions like:

  • What should I expect when designing and building a home?
  • How does a better design-build experience result in a better home?
  • How can I create a better design-build experience for myself?

Let’s face it, not everyone has the perfect experience when building their home. So what determines how to get the best experience? That’s what you’ll learn with the Better Design-Build Experience, how to get a better experience before, during, and after building your home.

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