Guest Blog: February Landscaping

February landscaping

February landscaping yard

Our friends at Sunshine Landscape Design have some suggestions for February landscaping in Texas!

Hello friends, I hope everyone is doing well. You are probably thinking, “what can we do to our landscape when it still feels like wintertime?” As we get further into February, the temperatures will start to go up into the 60’s, 70’s and maybe the 80’s on some days.

There are several items that you can knock out now:

  1. Start thinking on plants that you would like to take out and bring in.
  2. Remove all dead leaves from your lawn and flowerbeds, as this blocks the light, which sometimes can kill your grass.
  3. Stop by your favorite hardware store and buy the correct fertilizer for your type of lawn. Don’t forget any additional food for your plants and trees.
  4. Perform a complete tune-up on your lawnmower and any other landscape equipment that you may have. (i.e. oil, sparkplugs, sharpen blade, etc.)
  5.  Do dormant pruning of wood shrubs and trees.
  6. Check any water hose connections to make sure there are free of leakages.
  7. Perform an inspection to your irrigation sprinkler system. Ensure everything is running like it supposed to be.

These are just few tips that can get you ahead of the game before the busy season starts. Of course, if you have any additional items feel free to add them to the list. This is it for today my friends, stay warm by staying busy… a message from your friends at SUNSHINE LANDSCAPE DESIGN.

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