What are Your Favorite Faux Finishes?

Faux Finishes We Love

Metallic plaster – a specialty finish that requires a professional, this is one of those faux finishes that creates dimension and enhances any space. It is a 3-step process that requires special tools to achieve the look, but when that final step is being applied, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the subtle sparkle of the metallic plaster showing through. In this room, below, we applied it to the entire room, which gave it a pearl-like appearance. It is truly one of our favorites!

Traditional wash – with a traditional wash, you give your walls and ceilings a feeling of imperfection, which is great with younger family members and pets, which tend to get marks and handprints on walls regularly. It is best performed by a professional, but some diy types have been able to master it. Overall, it adds warmth to a space and can really create a unique ambience along with textiles and other artwork.

faux finishes wash

Gel stained cabinetry – one of our favorite techniques for making cabinetry appear furniture-like, the gel stain can be applied directly over paint to get into the cracks and crevices of the piece to give it that aged appearance. This is a technique that just requires patience and the right materials, but really anyone who has both can do it.

faux finishes gel stained

Adding Faux Finishes to your Home

Although there are hundreds more, this gives you a few of the most popular, along with some of our favorite faux finishes. The time to add faux finishes is really while the home is being designed by the Architect, and knowing which finishes are available is critical to the success of the project. At Jenkins Design+Build, we are able to bring the Architects and Builders together to collaborate on the faux finishes from the very beginning of the project. Unlike most Architects or Builders, we employ both disciplines right within our office. They walk back and forth to each other’s offices to discuss your project multiple times in a day. This ensures everything, down to the faux finishes, has been planned, discussed, and budgeted from the very beginning of the project.

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